Come Meet us at The Angel Entertainment Hotel Party – ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES!

We are very excited to announce that we will be co-hosting anther Angel Entertainment hotel takeover event in Waterford, MI on March 7, 2020. We will be hosting a pre-party mingler in our suite from 6 – 9 PM before we all head down to the dance floor. We will be passing out Lifestyle Colors bracelets for our ice breaker activity.

The theme for the party is Anything But Clothes so you get super creative for this one! I’m still deciding on my outfits so that will have to be a surprise but I am pretty sure that what I’m wearing will be skimpy and sexy!

Email or comment if you have questions and click the banner for tickets and party info!

See you there!

#24 – Valentine’s Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting – Part 1

It’s Valentine’s month! That’s right, the WHOLE month is sexy Valentine’s month! I like to celebrate starting on the 1st. Mr. Saturday and I were invited to co-host an Angel Entertainment Valentine’s hotel takeover party on Feb. 1st 2020 and we had a blast! We had SO much fun that our episode was too long for a single podcast. You will find it here in two parts.

In party 1 we talk on our way to the event. We begin by talking about what we plan to wear for the party and that leads us to discuss grooming and presentation and how everyone can be sexy. We take this a bit farther and discuss our own grooming habits. We’re both pretty fastidious about grooming our sexy bits but we don’t really expect everyone to wax and laser and religiously as we do. That took us into a discussion about grooming and anal sex which got interesting. During all of this we call on personal examples. It was a lively discussion.

We arrived at the hotel and sign off to get ready for the party. We pick up after the party in part 2 of this episode – which will be posted at the same time so you don’t have to wait.

Please comment or reach out with suggestions or questions.

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#24 - Valentine's Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting - Part 1

#21 – Swinger Party – Suite Party Podcast Interviews! (part 2)

Our suite party at the Angel Entertainment hotel takeover was a huge success! We had so many people come by and we passed out bunched of Lifestyle Colors wrist bands! We drank and mingled….and we podcasted! I took some time to chat with a few friends that I have mentioned in earlier podcasts as well as a couple of new friends.

First, Mr. Saturday and I chat with Snarky and the Captain. They host swinger house parties during the warmer months. I had quite a solo adventure at a party they threw last June! Thanks guys! They tell us all about how they met each other and got into the lifestyle. As it turns out, Snarky was a UNICORN before she met the Captain. She had some interesting strategies for dealing with single men. The Captain was also a single in the lifestyle for a bit.

Later I sneak away with Bubble and Wolfie and Mr. and Mrs. New York. You may remember Bubbles and Wolfie from a previous house party episode, and our New Years Eve episode. Mr. and Mrs. New York are new to the area and recently had their first experience with Bubble and Wolfie. The four have since become friends and spend a lot of time together. yay!

I also get to spend some one on one time with Minka! We met at a party and she is smart and very sexy. She took the time to reach out to me to weigh in with her thoughts about single men in the lifestyle and we have a very interesting conversation about it.

Please comment if you have anything to add.

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#21 - Swinger Party - Suite Party Podcast Interviews! (part 2)

#20 – Swinger Party Fun – Hosting Our First Suite Party! (part 1)

What a crazy experience (in the BEST way)! Mr. Saturday and I were invited to host a pre-party hospitality suite at the Furry/Pajama theme Angel Entertainment hotel takeover. Everyone had SO much fun. We set up our room to have snacks and special gummy bear shots with places for people hang out and mingle. We passed out wrist bands from our Lifestyle Colors project so that people could show their sharing and seeking colors with other party-goers. People loved the idea and it was a marvelous ice breaker.

At the end of an amazing evening (that involved quite a bit of drinking), Saturday and I got in the jacuzzi tub in our room and recorded our thoughts! We are clearly very tipsy and I initially thought about just discarding it, but it’s funny and we like to be authentic. We talk about the party in the room, the massive orgy in the playroom and all the dancing and debauchery that went down at the party.

I recap the party again after the drunk tub segment so you can get a clearer picture of things. It was an awesome night and I’m looking forward to hosting again!

Check back tomorrow for PART 2 of this episode where I interview some of our awesome SWINGER FRIENDS! You’ll hear from The Captain and Snarky, Bubbles and Wolfie, Mr. and Mrs. New York and Minka!

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#20 - Swinger Party Fun - Hosting Our First Suite Party! (part 1)

#18 – Swinging into 2020! The Final Recap!

This year has been amazing and we decided to end it in ultimate swinger fashion! We attended a huge Angel Entertainment hotel takeover with over 600 swingers in attendance! It was crazy and we had SO much fun. You can hear all the juicy details in this episode.

We are so ready to start 2020 right so we agreed to host an event for Angel Entertainment and we plan how to make our best first impression as swing party officials.

We also talk about some other silliness including the cold we both recently had. The cold that went around the swing community was dubbed “Swinger Crud” by Ray and De from our Club Euphoria adventures and the Euphoria Chronicles. Mr Saturday and I have used the term a LOT!

Please like and follow us to keep up with our swinging fun every week!


Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#18 - Swinging into 2020! The Final Recap!

#13 – Swinger Hotel Party + Sexy Photo Shoot!

It was another epic weekend! Mr. Saturday and I had a blast at another Angel Entertainment hotel takeover party. It wasn’t just a party though, we did a super sexy photo shoot with the amazing Mydalis!

We arrived early to do our photo shoot which started with some fun couple pictures. We got a little more risque and did some implied nudes (can’t really see anything) and some lingerie / boudoir. Saturday was a little nervous until he got naked and then he turned into a total porn star! We ended the shoot with some video and a big money shot!

We regrouped after the sexy pictures and recorded a bit, then we had dinner with swinger friends. The rest of the night was amazing! We made new friends, danced, mingled and had some amazing sexy fun times! Listen to hear all about it.

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#13 - Swinger Hotel Party + Sexy Photo Shoot!

#12 – Holiday Swinger Hotel Takeover Birthday Weekend!

Join me and Mr. Saturday for an epic hotel takeover adventure tonight!

It was Saturday’s birthday and we had an awesome birthday weekend! It started on Friday night when we went for an Angel Entertainment pre-party at the hotel where we got to do an interview with Dave (Mr. Angel himself!). We spent the rest of the evening hanging out with the Angel staff and making new friends.

Saturday was the birthday! So, we headed back to the hotel early enough to get checked in right at 3 PM and have an early dinner. After dinner we got to do an interview with Tim and Mydalis. They told us all about how they met and how they got into the lifestyle. Mydalis also told us about how she became an amazing lifestyle photographer! (We did a shoot with her and the pics are HOT).

Finally we headed down to the party and had an amazing evening. We saw friends and met new sexy people. We danced and played with a sexy couple and a unicorn. The evening came to an exciting crescendo when we got to spend some fun time with a brand new super sexy couple.

It was all really amazing and I am excited to hear your thoughts. Leave a note or a voice message if you want to comment!

Happy Swinging!!!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#12 - Holiday Swinger Hotel Takeover Birthday Weekend!