#16 – New Year’s 2020 Swinger Shenanigans!

sexy couple evening wear

2019 was a wild and crazy year for me and I’m looking forward to even more swinger adventures in 2020.

This episode begins with Mr Saturday and me recounting our New Year’s Eve party adventures as an awesome house party. We saw friends and chatted and ran into old friends. We also had an amazing five person orgy!

Later after dancing and fun, Mr Saturday and I celebrated the new year with a midnight facial!

We also talk about our plans to re-celebrate new years the next weekend at a massive hotel takeover.

Later Mr. Saturday does a solo recording and recounts an awkward lifestyle experience that he had (and that we didn’t get to on that episode).

Catch up with us next week when we give you all the details from the takeover that include another….you guessed it!…orgy!

Happy New Year!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#16 - New Year's 2020 Swinger Shenanigans!