#29 – House Party Shenanigans at the Sex Bus Party!


House Party Shenanigans at the Sex Bus Party! We had another awesome house party experience thanks to Jim and Lisa in Davison, MI. We so enjoy their parties and they are now featured in three of our podcast episodes! Episode 8 was our first adventure at their place and we returned in Episode 11. This visit was also amazing!

We arrived late (which is not our usual style) and we were greeted by a bunch of friends. We was Bubbles and Wolfie and Mr. and Mrs. New York. We also saw another couple that we first met at Club Euphoria’s Disco Party last fall and we got to have a sexy play session with them. She’s gorgeous and he’s a handsome charmer.

Later on we spent some time in the legendary hot tub and I ran off to see if could find a sexy single guy I had my eye on. When I found him and chatted him up, I discovered that he was not only handsome, he was smart and charming too! I grabbed Mr. Saturday and the three of us had a very hot MFM romp in the playroom. He was so easy going and fun and his lifestyle etiquette was so impeccable that I have named him Mr. Gold and plan to see him again soon.

Our discussion turns to condom etiquette and we talk for a while about safe sex and communication with lifestyle partners.

We have more fun plans for the near future and we love sharing all of these ideas and adventures with you!

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#29 - House Party Shenanigans at the Sex Bus Party!

#25 – Valentine’s Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting – Part 2

It’s Valentine’s month! That’s right, the WHOLE month is sexy Valentine’s month! I like to celebrate starting on the 1st. Mr. Saturday and I were invited to co-host an Angel Entertainment Valentine’s hotel takeover party on Feb. 1st 2020 and we had a blast! We had SO much fun that our episode was too long for a single podcast. This is part 2!

This is the juicy part of the episode. Oh sure, there was some good stuff in part 1 but now you get to hear about our super hot encounter with a very sexy couple we have had our eye on for a while. They were amazing. The rest of the party was awesome too and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Our suite party was a hit. We did several costume changes and got pictures to prove it. We danced and mingled and flirted……and had a very hot play scene in the playroom with a huge audience. Later we played with just the two of us in the playroom so we could listen and watch while we enjoyed each other. It was an awesome time.

Please comment or contact us if you want more details or if you want to join us at our next event.

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#25 - Valentine's Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting - Part 2