Come Meet us at The Angel Entertainment Hotel Party – ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES!

We are very excited to announce that we will be co-hosting anther Angel Entertainment hotel takeover event in Waterford, MI on March 7, 2020. We will be hosting a pre-party mingler in our suite from 6 – 9 PM before we all head down to the dance floor. We will be passing out Lifestyle Colors bracelets for our ice breaker activity.

The theme for the party is Anything But Clothes so you get super creative for this one! I’m still deciding on my outfits so that will have to be a surprise but I am pretty sure that what I’m wearing will be skimpy and sexy!

Email or comment if you have questions and click the banner for tickets and party info!

See you there!

New Lifestyle Project!

I have been working on an idea lately and it’s finally coming together. I’m developing something that will be very handy for finding and meeting others in the lifestyle. I’m going to be weird and secretive about it until it’s totally ready but I will drop the hint that I MIGHT have it with me for the Angel Entertainment party on January 4th.

If you’re planning to attend, feel free to say hello and ask me about it. I just might answer questions I get in emails or voice messages too.

Happy swinging!