Come Meet us at The Angel Entertainment Hotel Party – ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES!

We are very excited to announce that we will be co-hosting anther Angel Entertainment hotel takeover event in Waterford, MI on March 7, 2020. We will be hosting a pre-party mingler in our suite from 6 – 9 PM before we all head down to the dance floor. We will be passing out Lifestyle Colors bracelets for our ice breaker activity.

The theme for the party is Anything But Clothes so you get super creative for this one! I’m still deciding on my outfits so that will have to be a surprise but I am pretty sure that what I’m wearing will be skimpy and sexy!

Email or comment if you have questions and click the banner for tickets and party info!

See you there!

Sexy Valentine’s Adventure in Ohio!

On February 15, 2020, we are packing our bags and heading to Findlay, OH for the Club Euphoria Valentine’s hotel takeover. If you aren’t familiar with Ray and De and their epic parties you should visit their website to see their upcoming events. Then go check out their podcast.

We had quite an adventure at their disco theme party in November of 2019. Mr. Saturday told me he loved me for the first time IN THE PLAYROOM! It was absolutely perfect so will always feel a little romantic about Club Euphoria. You can hear all the details in our Disco Party episode AND in episode or their podcast.

New Podcast Tonight – Listener Questions and Polyamory

We are at it again – podcasting in bed! Mr. Saturday and I take some time to reply to several listener questions.

The discussion includes an exploration of what polyamory means for us. Is our relationship with each other different that with other people we date? We also talk about playroom equipment and describe some of our recent adventures.

Join us in bed at to learn even more about us!

Happy Swinging!

New Lifestyle Project!

I have been working on an idea lately and it’s finally coming together. I’m developing something that will be very handy for finding and meeting others in the lifestyle. I’m going to be weird and secretive about it until it’s totally ready but I will drop the hint that I MIGHT have it with me for the Angel Entertainment party on January 4th.

If you’re planning to attend, feel free to say hello and ask me about it. I just might answer questions I get in emails or voice messages too.

Happy swinging!

New Podcast Tonight!

Join us tonight for another epic swinging adventure! Mr. Saturday and I had a blast at another Angel Entertainment hotel takeover party. It wasn’t just a party though, we did a super sexy photo shoot with the amazing Mydalis!

We arrived early to do our photo shoot. We started with some fun couple pictures, and then moved to boudoir and more suggestive shots. AND, in epic Mr. Saturday style, we ended with full on porn and even had a money shot!

After the shoot we had dinner with swinger friends and then the party was amazing. We danced, mingled and had some amazing sexy fun!

Please join us for all the juicy details tonight at 10 PM EST.

New Podcast Tonight!

Join me and Mr. Saturday for an epic hotel takeover adventure tonight!

It was Saturday’s birthday and we had an awesome birthday weekend! It started on Friday night when we went for an Angel Entertainment pre-party at the hotel where we got to do an interview with Dave (Mr. Angel himself!).

We chatted with Tim and Mydalis, a super hot lifestyle couple. Mydalis is a very talented photographer and she does pictures at the events. We were lucky enough to do a whole shoot with her.

We also had some sexy party adventures, so join us to hear all about it!

Please leave a note or a voicemail if you have questions or comments.

Happy Swinging!

New Podcast Episode Tonight!

We had so much fun at a swinger house party this weekend and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Mr Saturday accompanied me to a party at the same house where we previously had a wild evening! You may recall the hot tub party podcast.

He and I talk before and after the party and we have some juicy stories to tell! Please comment if you like it and tell me which were your favorite parts.


Bonus Podcast Episode Tonight!

I’m posting a bonus podcast episode at 10PM EST tonight! I had some time to think about couple privilege and the perception of singles in the swinger lifestyle. I had a nice long chat with Mr. Saturday about it and also spent some time with my own thoughts.

Please weigh in with you feedback in the comments or by email. I LOVE to hear what my listeners think of the issues that I find important.

Happy Swinging!

So much to think about……

Being active in the lifestyle has given me several opportunities to see how other people handle themselves and their interactions with other swingers. I have a pretty clear idea about how I see things and I try to understand the viewpoints of others, but they don’t always align. I also try not to assume that my way is the best way to see or do things, but honestly, it’s hard not to feel that way. I’m planning to record a lot in the near future and will address some key issues.

  1. couple privilege – I did address this a bit before, but I feel it definitely warrants more time.
  2. treatment of singles in the lifestyle – males vs females This issue has been particularly thought provoking for me recently.
  3. transparency in the lifestyle – I recently had a really uncomfortable interaction with a single male who turned out to be a married guy sneaking around on his wife. eeew
  4. failure to respect other couples’ boundaries/structure – there have been a couple of events that made me notice that people can be self-centered (self meaning the couple as a unit). This may fall under couple privilege.
  5. playing solo when part of an established couple – Mr. Saturday and I are officially together, but we are both polyamorous and date / play independently. The reception from people is notably different for him that it is for me, but it’s also different for each of us from times when we identified as “single”.
  6. Homophobia in the lifestyle – I have had a few interactions recently that have seemed pretty insensitive, imbalanced and biased. This is a weird subject because it’s usually geared at bisexual men in the lifestyle and not at women. This can get much deeper when you begin to consider pan / poly / genderqueer folks too. It is quite possibly something that changes regionally as well.
  7. I got shot down when I recently inquired about attending a lifestyle event as a single female. It turned out to be a very couple-centric event and that included MF couples and FF couples – but clearly not MM couples. Events that cater to one group over another seem like could be handled in a more sensitive way and I want to spend some time thinking about whether or not I have a viable solution to offer here.

Please leave me a voicemail or a comment if you like. I love to get input and ideas from listeners.


Crazy week = podcast delay

I won’t be posting my weekly podcast tonight. It’s been a crazy week and I just haven’t had time to finish recording it. I have set aside time tomorrow evening to work on it though so I will have it posted by Friday night.

Thanks for understanding!



Hotel Takeover Fun – The first Halloween takeover of 2019

First of all, it’s Halloween month, which is my favorite! Last night I attended my first Halloween hotel takeover party of 2019. It was really fun. The hotel itself didn’t have an ideal layout for socializing, but the guests were all enthusiastic and friendly and we ended up having a great time. Mr Saturday and I played with 3 different couples, flirted with some others and made a bunch of new friends. You will hear all about it when I post this week’s episode on Wednesday.

I had some amazing and some awkward interactions and I have lots of thoughts about all of them. Every new event is an experience and gives me more opportunities to think about my feelings about the lifestyle and human interaction in general. This week I will talk about pushy couples, awkward cock blockers and non-traditional relationships in the lifestyle.

I am planning to post a bonus episode (hopefully Friday) with LOTS more thoughts about etiquette. I may do that alone or discuss it with guests. I haven’t decided yet.



New (sexier) stuff is coming this Wednesday!

I did post a podcast that was bit of bummer, but my strategy in starting my podcast was to give an honest view into my life as a swinger. That means, it’s not all champagne and orgies all the time and sometime there are emotional letdowns. This past week my, relatively new, primary relationship ended rather suddenly so I decided to record my feelings right after it happened. I then added how I was feeling a couple of days later before posting it.

I resolved to cheer myself up by spending time with friends. That included a hot date with Mr. Saturday and he agreed to be in a podcast with me. Luckily, he was flattered that I talked about him in an earlier episode and was enthusiastic about participating. We decided to skip the club and have a date with just the two of us. After dinner and drinks, we came back to his place and recorded a bit. Then, we played and recorded again after!

The result is this week’s hump-day podcast. You get to hear us giddy with anticipation and then loopy with post coital glow all in the same episode. I even enjoyed editing it. lol

Thanks again for listening!


Being poly doesn’t make dating easy….

Relationships are amazing, but they do require effort. Sometimes being totally honest and transparent is uncomfortable, but finding someone with whom you never have to be anyone but yourself is really amazing. I tend to be very open and honest with people because it feels natural to me, but I then assume that people are doing the same in return. Sadly, this is often not the case.

My venting today is a reaction to a very unexpected ending to a recent relationship I had with someone that I had clearly not known as well as I thought. We met on line on a lifestyle website and there was a considerable amount of distance between us. However, when he wrote to me it felt like we had a genuine connection. I had assumed that eventually it would run its course when he found someone closer, or I did…but until then we would have lots of fun going to lifestyle events and spending time together when we could. I also assumed, that when it did run its course, there would be a friendly discussion about how things changed and how we wanted each other to be happy…..and about how we would remain friends even without the sexual component. Well, that’s not what happened and I was blindsided.

Honestly, I think I’m most upset that I totally misjudged the character of my partner so badly that this was a shock to me. I feel like I should have seen it coming so I’m second guessing my ability to choose partners. ugh….

Anyway, the take home message is that sometimes people, even people who are open minded enough to be poly or swingers can still surprise you with their lack of open communication. I’m posting a podcast about how this took my by surprise. Please comment of leave questions if you have thoughts or questions about this….or want to tell me I’m not handling it well.



Hello world!

Welcome to my website. I have had a taste of internet exhibitionism and I love it. I want more!

In the next few weeks I will be adding a podcast and a blog to tell you all of my fun stories and about all of my wild adventures.