New (sexier) stuff is coming this Wednesday!

I did post a podcast that was bit of bummer, but my strategy in starting my podcast was to give an honest view into my life as a swinger. That means, it’s not all champagne and orgies all the time and sometime there are emotional letdowns. This past week my, relatively new, primary relationship ended rather suddenly so I decided to record my feelings right after it happened. I then added how I was feeling a couple of days later before posting it.

I resolved to cheer myself up by spending time with friends. That included a hot date with Mr. Saturday and he agreed to be in a podcast with me. Luckily, he was flattered that I talked about him in an earlier episode and was enthusiastic about participating. We decided to skip the club and have a date with just the two of us. After dinner and drinks, we came back to his place and recorded a bit. Then, we played and recorded again after!

The result is this week’s hump-day podcast. You get to hear us giddy with anticipation and then loopy with post coital glow all in the same episode. I even enjoyed editing it. lol

Thanks again for listening!