#24 – Valentine’s Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting – Part 1

It’s Valentine’s month! That’s right, the WHOLE month is sexy Valentine’s month! I like to celebrate starting on the 1st. Mr. Saturday and I were invited to co-host an Angel Entertainment Valentine’s hotel takeover party on Feb. 1st 2020 and we had a blast! We had SO much fun that our episode was too long for a single podcast. You will find it here in two parts.

In party 1 we talk on our way to the event. We begin by talking about what we plan to wear for the party and that leads us to discuss grooming and presentation and how everyone can be sexy. We take this a bit farther and discuss our own grooming habits. We’re both pretty fastidious about grooming our sexy bits but we don’t really expect everyone to wax and laser and religiously as we do. That took us into a discussion about grooming and anal sex which got interesting. During all of this we call on personal examples. It was a lively discussion.

We arrived at the hotel and sign off to get ready for the party. We pick up after the party in part 2 of this episode – which will be posted at the same time so you don’t have to wait.

Please comment or reach out with suggestions or questions.

Happy Swinging!

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#24 - Valentine's Swinger Hotel Takeover Co-hosting - Part 1

Sexy Valentine’s Adventure in Ohio!

On February 15, 2020, we are packing our bags and heading to Findlay, OH for the Club Euphoria Valentine’s hotel takeover. If you aren’t familiar with Ray and De and their epic parties you should visit their website to see their upcoming events. Then go check out their podcast.

We had quite an adventure at their disco theme party in November of 2019. Mr. Saturday told me he loved me for the first time IN THE PLAYROOM! It was absolutely perfect so will always feel a little romantic about Club Euphoria. You can hear all the details in our Disco Party episode AND in episode or their podcast.