#31 Back after the pandemic! I missed you guys!

Hey! What a few months! In this episode I catch up with Mr. Saturday and we talk about our communication strategies for awkward situations, recount some sexy group play from our last event and give our thoughts about swinging after the pandemic.

I also announce my partnership with AltPlayground! I’m really excited to be working with AltPlayground.com. It’s a lifestyle website where you can meet other people who practice ethical non-monogamy, but it’s super inclusive and the love podcasters! Stay tuned for more on that in future episodes.

I missed you guys and I’m happy to be back to doing regular updates.

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The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#31 Back after the pandemic! I missed you guys!

New Podcast Tonight – Listener Questions and Polyamory

We are at it again – podcasting in bed! Mr. Saturday and I take some time to reply to several listener questions.

The discussion includes an exploration of what polyamory means for us. Is our relationship with each other different that with other people we date? We also talk about playroom equipment and describe some of our recent adventures.

Join us in bed at TheBrainyFox.com to learn even more about us!

Happy Swinging!

#3 – Date Night with Two New Friends!

I had a weekend adventure at a swinger barbecue and then we went to a lifestyle nightclub event. I made two new sexy friends and we even played with a couple we met (yes – all 5 of us!).

This turned out to by my first date with Mr. Saturday! Who knew?

The Brainy Fox - Sexy Swinger Nerd
#3 - Date Night with Two New Friends!